Small Groups

Small Groups

Bridgeway Church is composed of various Small Groups throughout the Northern Virginia area. We value Small Groups where people can connect with others in their own context and stage of life, grow spiritually and relationally, as they do life together. Please contact deacon David Druid who will help guide you to a Small Group where you’ll feel right at home!

What can I expect in a Small Group?

  • Weekly (or biweekly) gatherings made up of 4-10 people, usually in people's homes
  • Safe and comfortable environment that nurtures spiritual growth, accountability and relationship building
  • Gain a better knowledge of God's Word and its life applications
  • Currently, all small groups are meeting virutally

Small Group Leaders

Danny Chung & Angela Kwon
College & Career Group
Joe Park
Youth Group
Davis & Diana Lim
Joe Hooshangi & My Nguyen
Weonho & Pillar Na
Joe & Marcela Lee